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Who joins Tyler Posey in the movie “Teen Wolf”? – Daily Movie

that of Jeff Davis Teen wolf The series was a loose adaptation of the iconic 1985 film of the same name. Paramount + is currently developing a film adaptation of the hit MTV series slated for release in 2022. Talk about a full circle moment – or should we say, a full moon!

Teen wolf Alum Tyler Posey joined EW last Monday to talk about the upcoming film. Posey is excited to reprise his role as True Alpha Scott McCall. He’s even more excited to see McCall and his team grow.

Fans of the Teen wolf the series are eagerly awaiting to see what other original actors return for the film. Who else can fans expect to see return to Beacon Hills?

Humble beginnings

MTV Teen wolf was away from Michael J. Fox’s fur-covered Scott Howard dancing on top of a bus for “Surfin ‘USA”. It was less of a campy tale about a teenage werewolf, and more of a dramatic story about murder and chaos.

Teen wolf follows sixteen-year-old McCall as he embarks on a painful journey after being transformed into a werewolf. From banshees to kitsune, McCall and his pack encounter all manner of supernatural beings.

Of course, most of these beings try to kill them. It’s an exciting time for fans, but not so much for the hapless residents of Beacon Hills. Teen wolf ends with the McCall pack coming together once again to fight a big bad bad guy.

Hilariously low-key

While MTV Teen wolf was known for his darkest moments, he also delivered low-key fun moments. Who can forget Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman) calling McCall a “hot girl”?

One of the most iconic moments in the series comes from a simple misunderstanding. When McCall’s werewolf abilities elevate him to captain of the lacrosse team, Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes) becomes suspicious.

He accuses McCall of cheating by slang to take steroids. McCall hilariously responds, “My mom does all the shopping.” Hopefully the movie is just as sorry for letting audiences see the funniest side of teens fighting for their lives.

Paramount +

In September, Paramount + teased Teen wolf fans by announcing the official film. He promises the story will continue with a 2022 release. What could that possibly mean? Will the film continue where the series left off?

The season finale of Teen wolf terminated by a flash-forward. Evil Tamora Monroe began to build up an army of hunters. During this time, the McCall Pack began to recruit excluded supernatural beings to aid them in their fight against them.

Little has been revealed about the plot of the Teen wolf movie. However, Paramount + has released the plot description. The McCall Pack reunites to fight their most formidable foe yet. Do they finally face Monroe & co.?

Wolf meeting

In Posey’s interview with EW, he was especially excited to see Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) return as McCall’s best friend. Does that mean O’Brien will definitely come back for the Teen wolf movie?

Posey then called the friendship between McCall and Stilinski the most important part of the series. While full plot details for the film have yet to be released, Posey has said he’d like to see the relationship explored – romantic or platonic.

The other cast members have not been confirmed to reprise their roles. Holland Roden has expressed his excitement about being able to return as Lydia Martin, but fans are still waiting to see if Martin actually returns in the McCall pack.

Filming for the Teen wolf The film begins in January 2022. In the meantime, Paramount + will begin airing all 100 episodes in December.

For fans too eager to wait for the holiday season, however, they can catch up on the series by streaming it on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, or VUDU.

Are you excited about the Teen wolf movie? Who are you most excited to see come back? What do you think they are going to do with the stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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