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What Halloween Kills Means For The Slasher Movie Genre Beyond 2021

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While half of the seats in full movie theaters are still restrictively empty at the moment, Hollywood still has an impressive roster of ready-made movies waiting for the arrested world to be given the full green light again – and in the world of horror, the most anticipated release is David Gordon-Green’s Halloween Kills.

Much to our dismay, it was announced in July that the original October 16, 2020 release was to be delayed for one year. It is now scheduled for October 15, 2021. That means this month, when we should have booked our pending seats for another bloody visit to Haddonfield, all we can do is sadly imagine what kind of exciting sequel to slasher Gordon-Green and co. reserve us. John Carpenter himself, the mastermind of all Michael Myers, has promised that Halloween Kills will not disappoint. He described it as “a quintessential slasher movie, (..) fun, intense and brutal”.

While we all want an official trailer to satisfy our one-year wait, we have no choice but to be patient for now. We got a fair share of the scoops anyway, including a trailer, a few Instagram stills uploads to the set, and a group of insiders insisting that there are big things to come. come – so just sit back and dial in your excitement.

A major Corona-shaped bump in the road may have rocked the movie industry with economic uncertainty, but it’s still inevitable that a new Halloween episode will finally hit screens near you, but not. as fast as we hoped.

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