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Resident Evil 2021 trailer’s biggest problem

Like everything on the Internet, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City has been the subject of controversy. Why? Well, there are several reasons. First, the fans have a problem with the cast. Second, fans have an issue with the CGI depicted in the trailer. Third, there is a sort of… budget quality to the whole.

But I’m not that bothered by these things 2. First, I’m more concerned that actors echo their characters’ feelings rather than their looks. Second, this is just the trailer – producers are unlikely to allow the best CGI moments to leak through marketing material. Third, a low budget doesn’t mean a bad movie – see how The Blair Witch Project revolutionized horror over $ 35,000- $ 60,000! Ultimately, this is how the director can effectively convey the survival horror styles of the resident Evil video games.

No, my big deal with the upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot? It is because he is concentrating on too many things at once!

Hero from another story RE

Welcome to Raccoon City

As fans of the long-running video game series know, resident Evil focuses on a massive cast of characters. But see, here’s the problem – it focuses on these characters across multiple games. The problem with the resident Evil Welcome to the Raccoon City movie trailer it’s that it focuses on too many characters and too many stories at the same time.

As seen in the first trailer (and described by its director), WTRC explores both the mansion and police station incidents on the first and second D Games. What made the games effective was that they reserved these two stories for their own games. The limited cast of characters in each story helped us connect with them instead of being spoiled for choice between a gallery too crowded with heroes fighting for screen time.

The point is that by stuffing both the scenarios of RE 1 and 2, Welcome to Raccoon City done exactly as shown above. It spreads far too thin. Again, I have no problem with the cast as long as these iconic characters are well-written and exude the qualities of their in-game incarnations. However, given the film’s far too ambitious reach, it seems unlikely that we have time for well-written characters. There’s far too much going on in this movie to give the characters the love they deserve.

Too resident, too mean

While it’s commendable that director Johannes Roberts is prioritizing horror over action in his film, it could fall flat. The stories of Resident Evil 1 and 2 are excellent for totally different reasons. The mansion incident from the first game was engaging as it follows experienced fighters into a mysterious mansion, gradually learning about the tragic fate of its inhabitants throughout the story.

Meanwhile, the story of the second game centers on a pair of recruits exploring an abandoned police station before heading to a secret lab. Stories not only have different vibes, but their settings also have their own specific reasons and don’t work if they’re stuck together. The mansion incident is tense as it takes place in the middle of nowhere in a secluded location. However, the police station is tense because it is an abandoned place in the city occupied by zombies. One is a mysterious place; the other is a relic of the police.

Due to the differences in atmosphere of the two previous games, Welcome to Raccoon City would have chosen better a story and go with it. However, blurring these two stories together risks causing a number of things – first of all – to clash in the tones and themes of the story. Second, too fine a broadcast can focus on none of the stories at the expense of cramming as many sets as possible.

Alas, horrible villain

Restarting the Resident Evil movie

Another bad problem that the resident Evil The two-story approach to the reboot the film creates is “who’s the bad guy?” Now, I guess they’re going to make Wesker the main villain and allied partner of Umbrella. But both Resident Evil 1 and 2 have their own set of monsters and action sets that set them apart from each other.

While RE1 has the horrific Lisa experience as a major antagonist, RE2 has the much smarter Umbrella weapon, Mr. X (or the Tyrant). Now it is confirmed that Lisa is making an appearance in this film. However, I really hope they don’t casually cast the Tyrant as well. This intimidating, stone-faced villain deserves more than a small role in this movie. As Resi players know, a lot of the tension in the second game was about being chased by Mr. X and that’s one of the most memorable things about the game.

Frankly, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie trailer better to adopt the first game and save the horrors of the sequel for the second. This already overcrowded movie would suffer from throwing everything into the game except the kitchen sink.

Welcome to Raccoon City

I will say this for the RE movie reboot, however. It sounds way better than anything that has been served by the last six movies. For those who love video games, there is a lot of joy in seeing video game locations faithfully adapted in live-action.

But I can’t help but think that this movie is so overcrowded that it won’t do justice to its source. The only saving grace is that it focuses on the survival horror that made the games so special. We’ll see if he succeeds on that front when the film hits theaters in November.

What did you think of the resident Evil movie trailer? Do you think the resident Evil is the restart of the film going to be good or bad? Let us know in the comments below!

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