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Morbius trailer brings horror to the comic book genre

Morbius’ latest trailer shows that this particular comic book movie will have a much more horror-based approach than any other in its genre.

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Most recent Morbius the trailer officially arrived on Tuesday and the three-minute video showed fans can expect a comic book movie that will be rooted in a horror-movie-type trope than any super movie. hero before him. While there has been some confusion as to whether the Sony Pictures project is part of the MCU or not, it certainly seems to set the stage for crossovers and a whole new direction if he’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From the first Morbius As the trailer hit last year, the question of whether Sony will allow the character to join the MCU has been raised. Even one of the stars of the film, Tyrese Gibson, claimed it was in the same universe as The Avengers and Eternals. The new trailer appears to hint that the film has some connection to the MCU, showing an interaction between Spider-Man reunion‘s Vulture and Michael Morbius while also mentioning Venom towards the end of the clip.

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Of course, for now, what cinematic universe the often delayed but long awaited Morbius the movie is out, it seems to be trying to forge its own course with visuals that are much scarier than those fans of comic book movies are used to seeing. The trailer opens with a discussion of the film’s main character surfacing on a freighter after being missing for two months. Once a frail and sick doctor, he brought her new powers from “anywhere”. Although the word “vampire” is never used in the video, it’s pretty clear that these are the powers that Morbius now possesses.

Once unable to walk without crutches, the transformed medic can fly and move at high speed. He also has the ability to hear and smell things like a bat. He also appears to be able to control bats or turn his body into a cloud of bats. Of course, the new powers have a downside and he has a very strong – if not uncontrollable – thirst for human blood.

The entire trailer is set to a dark and spooky version of “People Are Weird” that absolutely goes with the tone of the clips as those involved try to figure out not only if he’s here to save or destroy the world, but where Morbius will be able to integrate into the world of superheroes. Maybe fans will have a better idea of ​​where the movie fits and whether it will be included or separated from the MCU. In the coming months.

Morbius hits theaters on January 28, 2022.

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