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Loop film for the first time in Indian cinema

India’s first looped science fiction movie Time is about to hit the big screen. The trailer for the film Jango Tamil is released today and positive reviews are pouring in for the initiatives taken by the film crew.

Jango Tamil movie is written and directed by Mano Karthikeyan. This film was produced by CV Kumar and co-produced by Surendirran Ravi under the banner of Thirukumaran Entertainment & Zen Studios. While the music is well composed by Ghibran with the cinematography of Karthik k Thillai.

The cast of the film Jango Tamil is played by Satheesh Kumar, Mrinalini Ravi, Anitha Sampath, Hareesh Peradi, Velu Prabhakaran, Karunakaran, Ramesh Tilak, Daniel Annie Pope and Nakkalites Danam. Watching the Jango Tamil trailer, it was clear that the lead roles were doing their character justice with good acting.

The screenplay is the most important task when it comes to science fiction movies. The recent Tamil sci-fi film Dikkiloona starring Santhanam, was average success with both positive and negative reviews. Although the director gave the best, fans felt little disturbance in the script while watching the movie Dikkiloona.

There are many notable Tamil science fiction films based on time travel. The famous Tamil time travel films are Indru Netru Naalai, with actor Vishnu Vishal and 24 films with actor Suriya. Both films were well known to fans, but it still wasn’t satisfying for fans.

But in the Jango movie, the content itself is different. The film is a sci-fi movie, but it projects the content onto a time loop, which is totally different from time travel.

Both time travel and the time loop are fictional concepts. Time travel is the ability to travel at different time periods, in the past or in the future. Whereas a time loop is an activity that is repeated indefinitely over the same period. This period can be short or long.

This is what makes the script of the Jango Tamil movie more interesting. The Jango Tamil movie trailer brings more curiosity about how well the concept of the time loop worked in the movie. The Jango Tamil movie release date has not yet been officially announced.

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