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Is Nightmare Alley a horror movie? Gender explained

Guillermo del Toro is most often associated with his horror and fantasy films, so does Nightmare Alley fall into his typical horror genre?

Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film has hints of its typical horror touch in the trailer, but what kind Alley of nightmares really fall into? Del Toro is known to switch between genres, being interested in superhero movies, horror, fantasy, drama, fairy tales and even family-friendly children’s films. . While he can blend genres with his own aesthetic like no other, del Toro is particularly associated with his talent for horror films like Crimson woodpecker and Blade II.

Premiere on December 17th Alley of nightmares tells the story of Stan Carlisle (Bradley Cooper), a carny whose gifts include deception and a manipulative manner with words. Stan deals with psychiatrist Dr. Lilith Ritter (Cate Blanchett), whose underhanded ways are far more dangerous than Stan himself. With Alley of nightmaresWith the grim trailer for, the title itself, and del Toro’s notoriety in the twisted dark horror genre, it wasn’t clear whether the 2021 film would fall more into a horror or thriller category. .

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From the description of Searchlight Pictures and Guillermo del Toro himself, Alley of nightmares is not a horror movie. Instead, del Toro will delve into the unknown genre of a psychological thriller with classic film noir style. Alley of nightmares is based on the novel of the same name from 1946, when film noir was in its prime and dark thrillers and mysteries ruled much of Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, the novel had already been adapted for film in 1947 with Tyrone Power, which also identified itself as film noir. While the film still provides a basis for del Toro’s film noir style, the director noted that his 2021 version of Alley of nightmares will only be adapted from the novel and not from a remake of the 1947 film, where it will draw primarily from the darker and twisted elements of the book.

Nightmare Alley poster sets up a mystery about Bradley Cooper's character

As with almost all of his darker films, there are still some classic del Toro horror appeals in Alley of nightmares even if it is not strictly gender. Her visual style is what makes her sense of horror and fantasy so unique, and Alley of Nightmares’The trailer shows that she is clearly in the same vein as her previous high-profile films. Del Toro said Collider that as an upcoming filmmaker with his short films he has particularly focused on horror and the dark, and now that he has made so many successful horror films he is embarking on the creation of ‘an exciting and well supported black with Alley of nightmares.

In 2017, his monster fantasy novel and sci-fi won the best picture award. The shape of water won him Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director, but he won’t use those recurring genre elements in Alley of nightmares. While many of his other dark fantasy or horror films have included supernatural elements like superpowers or monsters, del Toro maintains that Alley of nightmares won’t feature any supernatural markings, just telling a very dark and twisted story that will have an R rating. The supernatural or horror styles of del Toro would still have worked well with the set and characters of the carnival, but the director wants Alley of nightmares be true to the noir crime novel and completely align with the classic structure of the psychological thriller.

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