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How the Broken Hearts gallery is changing the genre of Rom-Com movie

As a result of this thinking, women are more likely to say to themselves, “Can I do this job? Whereas men, I think, are less likely to think so. I had all of these insecurities when I was getting ready to make the movie, but the thing I had to keep telling myself was, “I can do this job, I can do it well, and I can do it my way. ” I wanted it to be a great experience for everyone and everyone will tell you that the energy on set, the camaraderie and the ability of people from all walks of life to express themselves or to present an idea has always been encouraged. . It doesn’t mean it’s going to be taken, but it’s going to be heard.

I will say it’s uniquely feminine and I think it’s uniquely feminist. I think women are capable of doing it at the highest level. We see it now, and beyond, I think we have to make room for all kinds of voices, because the more we are able to empower to tell stories, and whose stories we see on screen. , or in writing or whatever the medium, the richer we are as a society.

Have you learned to hear a more positive inner voice than a negative inner voice?

I learned to suppress the negative inner voice and keep going. I think one of the things I fell victim to a lot in my 20s was listening too much to this insecurity and always looking around to see what other people were doing. I think the only way to be successful is to keep going and not comparing yourself to everyone else. I think it is sometimes difficult, but I think it is enough to carry on, to write, to carry on, to carry on whatever you want to do. This does not mean that insecurity is disappearing. He never leaves. Every time I look at a blank page about to start a script I have the same thought, which is, “Why is someone letting me do this and I don’t know how to do this”, but I think the ability to overcome that is something that comes with age. It’s the ability to move past that rather than letting it cripple you.

I used to think that having self-criticism was a negative thing, but do you think that having self-criticism can be a positive and a negative thing at the same time?

Ah, absolutely. I think, especially as a writer and I’m sure you’ll relate to that, you’ve got to be your biggest critic, your biggest advocate, and hold those two things all the time. I think with the amount of doubt that I sometimes struggle with and the amount of questioning that comes with it when I write, sometimes it’s necessary. I can’t escape it and it makes you better.

The gallery of broken hearts is in theaters now

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