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How can you stream Billie Eilish’s new movie? – Daily Movie

Happier than ever, the Billie Eilish concert film, is officially available to stream for fans to enjoy. Entitled after her latest album of the same name, the film is billed as a “cinematic concert experience” by Billie Eilish. Which, you know, makes sense. It wouldn’t be the first time Disney + has designed a concert for fans to enjoy. Taylor Swift has proven herself with her Folklore and Always in 2020.

With the success of these concert films, it looks like Disney + wants to continue the trend with Billie Eilish. In Happier than ever, Eilish performs each song on the album in sequential order. The twist here is that she’s backed by other artists from her brother, Finneas, the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and world-famous Brazilian guitarist Romero Lubambo.

Billie Eilish’s new concert film also includes animated elements. It was directed by Robert Rodriguez and animator-director Patrick Osborne. Happier than ever: a love letter to Los Angeles certainly promises serious ambition. Is it only available to stream on Disney +? Or is there a way to stream the animated concert movie starring Billie Eilish for free? Here’s all you need to know.

What does Billie Eilish think of her new movie?

In a recent interview with Hollywood journalist, Eilish said, “I knew I wanted him to have another life in another dimension that I have never experienced in, and this is Disney… It was an incredibly surreal experience. I hope it’s going to be a really great experience to watch because it’s my whole album in order, which I’ve never done before, which nobody does. I always wanted to do this.

Eilish also added that she wanted the hour-long concert film to be a love letter to old Hollywood. She said, “It’s kind of a nice version of old Hollywood… I definitely have fantasies about LA, a whole different world intertwined with my world.” It really looks like some sort of insanely beautiful thing. Eilish likes to be creative with her visuals. So are we really surprised?

As to whether that means Eilish is considering taking a chance? She said, “If I fall in love with something, I would love to play it. It would have to be the right thing because I’m not an actor and I’m not… It’s not my vocation, but I’ve always liked playing the part. I loved to play when I was a kid. I should really, really feel a connection and have a moment of just, I don’t know, love for it.

Can i watch Happier than ever free?

Unless you hack the movie, you’ll need a Disney + membership to see it. Unfortunately, Disney + doesn’t offer free trials at all. Instead, however, you can get free access to the streaming service with Amazon Music Unlimited, which offers six months free to new customers, or Verizon, for some unlimited plans again free for six months.

Disney + itself costs around eight US dollars per month. Again, no free trial is available if you want to love them and quit them. Believe me, we know, it’s super boring. Of course, the worst comes the worst, you can always ask a friend if they can slip that sweet and sweet Disney + password to you so you can get on and watch. Just make sure it’s a friend who doesn’t care. People are getting weird about it.

Are you excited for Happier than ever? What do you think of the album? How about seeing Billie Eilish make a concert film out of it? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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