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Does this new “Spencer” trailer prove it’s Kristen Stewart’s best movie? – Daily Movie

Spencer maybe will see Kristen Stewart walk away without Oscar gold in 2022. The new trailer for the upcoming film shows more of Stewart’s performance as Diana felt weighed down by her royal duties to try and be the best mother she can be. for his children. Frankly? Stewart does disappear in the role of the next one Spencer.

We are not the only ones to think so. People all over the internet are sharing their own feelings about his stellar performance in the upcoming film. How does the internet feel Spencer? It is all you need to know.

Oh boy

Definitely a little chilling.

Really lovely

It’s a wonderful film.

They are not wrong

Yes. The trailer is better than the whole Dear Evan Hansen movie.

Nods of approval

We’re just going to keep thinking about her.

dusk what?

Bella Swan who?

It looks good. . .

I love it for her.

Like that side by side yet

It is quite strange.

She deserves it

Respect it!

The performance in this trailer

Seriously. Stewart’s race to lose.


Wow. This moment. This movie is going to be amazing.

Spencer hits theaters on November 5.

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