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Christoph Waltz to Play Hollywood Icon Billy Wilder in New Movie – Film News |

Christoph Waltz will lead the cast of “Billy Wilder and Me”.

The James Bond star will play one of Hollywood’s Golden Age icons in director Stephen Frears’ new film.

The film was announced by legendary producer Jeremy Thomas and is based on Jonathan Coe’s 2020 book “Mr Wilder and Me” with Christopher Hampton adapting the story for the big screen.

The film is set during the summer of 1977 and is part coming-of-age story, part real-life portrayal of the beloved director.

An innocent young woman begins working for the famed filmmaker on a Greek island during the filming of ‘Fedora’ and when she follows Wilder to Germany to continue filming, she finds herself joining him on a memory journey to the heart of the cinema icon. family history.

Production on the project will begin in spring 2023 in Greece, Munich and Paris with the casting of other lead roles to be announced soon.

Two-time Oscar winner Waltz said: “Billy Wilder said, ‘You have to have a dream to get up in the morning.'” A Stephen Frears film with a screenplay by Christopher Hampton produced by Jeremy Thomas should do the trick for me.”

Frears added, “Europe and Hollywood. Hollywood and Europe. Cinema’s most interesting dilemma.”

Hampton also said: “Since we first met in Los Angeles in the early 80s, Billy Wilder has been extremely kind and encouraging to me.

“Jonathan Coe’s wonderful novel was the perfect opportunity to express my gratitude and admiration for one of the undisputed giants of cinematic history.”

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