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Chris Hemsworth nearly walked away from fourth Thor movie – Film News |

Chris Hemsworth might have quit the “Thor” movies if Taika Waititi hadn’t agreed to direct the fourth installment.

The Aussie actor admitted he was “bored” by the Marvel character and unimpressed with his own performance in the second film, 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World,” but felt that Taika reinvigorated the franchise with 2017’s “Thor: Ragnarok.”

He told Vanity Fair: “I wasn’t thrilled with what I did in Thor 2. I was a little disappointed with what I did. I didn’t think I developed the character in any way. I don’t think I showed the audience anything different or unexpected. And then when Ragnarok happened, because of my own kind of frustration at what I had done. ain’t just any other director or anybody it was my own performance I really wanted to break the mold and I said that to Taika and I think the conversation we had was that I said “I really miss Thor” and he said “Yeah, I really miss Thor too” and then we decided not to be bored and whenever that feeling kicked in we going in a different direction.”

Chris added: “And so we just dismantled the character, we wanted him to be a little bit more unpredictable, we wanted him to be in a different set of circumstances than he was in before and the humor also passes…”

Chris and Taika have reunited for the upcoming fourth film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and the actor admits he could have left the franchise if the director hadn’t agreed to return.

He added, “Being able to work with Taika again, I don’t know if I would have done another if Taika hadn’t said yes, he was going to.

“And he had written this script which was a wacky, crazy romantic comedy set in space that I had never seen before. And I thought, ‘Cool, I have a way of doing this’ .”

“Thor: Love and Thunder” stars Chris opposite Natalie Portman and is released in July.

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