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Bob’s Burgers movie trailer is finally here

Good news for all who are hungry to see Bob’s Burgers movie. After two years of pandemic delay, 20th Century Studios has finally served up a trailer. The 90-second clip opens with realistic animation of a sensually mounted burger, then moves on to the 2D style that scored 227 episodes of the Emmy-winning series about The Belchers. Unfortunately, things don’t go so well for the family business in the film. Linda tries to advertise a Bob’s Burgers stand outside Wonder Wharf by wearing a bikini over Gene’s burger costume and dancing. “What? It’s summer, and sex sells, babe,” she explains to Bob.

It turns out that a huge chasm opened up right in front of the restaurant, making it impossible to access the entrance. According to the trailer description, the Belcher children – Tina, Louise, and Gene – are determined to solve a mystery that could save Bob’s Burgers. It’s unclear exactly what they’re up to, but we see them roaming both the Fischoder Estate and the Chasm. We also get a glimpse into Tina’s riding with robot Jimmy Jr. and a stage performance that seems to hint that the film will stay true to its musical roots. Bob’s burgersThe original voices will reprise their roles for this film, which creator Loren Bouchard will co-direct alongside Bernard Derriman. Bob’s Burgers movie should hit theaters, just in time for your Memorial Day weekend barbecues on May 27.

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