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ALIENOID (2022) International Movie Trailer: Swordsmen vs Space Aliens in Choi Dong-hoon’s Scifi Movie

Alien Trailer

Choi Dong-hoonit is Alienoid / Oegye+in 1bu (2022) international trailer was released by CJ Entertainment and Media. The Alienoid trailer stars Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Tae-ri, Kim Woo Bin, So Ji-seob, Yum Jung-ah, Kim Eui-eung, Lee Ha-neeand Jo Woo-jin.


Choi Dong-hoon wrote the screenplay Alienoid. Caper Film produced this film.


Plot Synopsis

AlienoidPlot Synopsis: “The door of time opens between the swordsman who wants to seize the legendary divine sword at the end of the Goryeo dynasty and those who pursue an alien prisoner imprisoned in a human body in 2022 .”

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Alienoid will be released in Korean theaters via CJ Entertainment and Media on July 20, 2022. Want up-to-the-minute notifications? FilmBook staff members post articles via email, TwitterFacebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and Flipboard.

Alienoid 1 Trailer

Alienoid 2 Trailer

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