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A24 and Joya add new candles to cinematic-inspired collection

A24 has just restocked its collection of candles made in collaboration with Brooklyn-based perfume studio Joya. The reissue sees the return of six scents, while two new ones have been added to the mix.

The A24 x Joya collection consists of eight candles each inspired by a different classic film genre. The Horror, Western, Thriller, Noir, Adventure and Musical candles are back, as Sci-Fi and Rom-Com now complete the assortment. Each candle is made from a mixture of soy wax and has a burn time of 50 to 60 hours, or about 33 films, A24 points out insolently.

“Aromatically speaking, movies have historically been limited to puffs of hot butter, worn velvet, and failed experiments with Smell-O-Vision,” A24 said in the product description, then insisted that he hopes to change that.

You can read the scent of each candle below and buy them today for $ 48 each.


Notes: tangerine, clove leaf, cypress, fallow deer, cinnamon bark Inspiration: fangs, shining eyes, secluded cabins by a lake, threatening shadows on the walls, bloody knives, low-angle shots of stairs, houses dilapidated silhouetted on a hill, black cats


Notes: fir needle, eucalyptus, saddle leather, firewood, bourbon vanilla, sweet bar balm, men walking in the sunsets


Notes: blood orange, tobacco absolute, russian leather and metal, clary sage, juniper Inspiration: fingerprints, ransom demands, cover-ups, packs of dynamite, ticking clocks, police sirens, briefcases, binoculars, open windows with a draft coming in, the edges of buildings and cliffs


Notes: wild honey, lemon, concrete, amber, jasmine, vetiver Inspiration: rain leaves falling on the sidewalk at night, a name stenciled on a frosted glass door, Lucky Strike, hats that hide the face, tape recorders, meaningful gazes , typewriters, the lingering scent of a woman


Notes: rosemary, Spanish sage, white grapefruit, white thyme, juniper twig, cedar Inspiration: desert sandstorms, treasure, torch lights reflected on cave walls, hand-drawn maps with scorched edges, cryptic symbols, swaying vines, machetes, precarious rope of bridges


Notes: fig leaf, musk melon, pink pepper, rainwater, magnolia, lily of the valley Inspiration: floor lamps, top hats, pianos, snaps of fingers, women dancing in concentric circles, men in tuxedos moving in sync, tap dancing , black cane with a white tip, laughing around a phone

science fiction

Notes: water lily, wild mint, heliotrope, star anise, witch hazel, ice water, nitro musk with a cry


Notes: wild strawberry, cardamom, crushed leaves, Peruvian balsam, sandalwood, dried rose, rosewood on a beautiful fall day

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