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A classic of the Christmas horror film genre

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) (screenshot by author via YouTube) ”width =” 1080 ″ height = ”725 ″ srcset =” 2017/12 / deadly-night-nitehawk-1080 × 725.jpg 1080w, 720w, https: // urbaine242.jpg 360w, / 12 / deadly -night-nitehawk.jpg 1400w “”(max-width: 1080px) 100vw, 1080px”>

Always Silent night, deadly night (1984) (screenshot by the author via YouTube)

Regardless of your stance at Christmas, there is non-denominational fun in watching a campy 1980s movie about a serial killer disguised as Santa Claus. Although it has become a cult classic, when Silent night, deadly night opened in November 1984, no one thought it was funny or even funny. Families demonstrated in theaters across the United States and staged a picket line at its premiere, singing Christmas carols outside the cinema. Examine it on At the movie theater, Gene Siskel spoke directly to the filmmakers, final: “Your profits are really blood money.” Shortly after, the Christmas-themed horror film, in which a deranged man in a Santa costume terrorized a small town, was pulled from US theaters.

However, Silent night, deadly night is now considered a mainstay of the Christmas horror genre, with the likes of Black christmas (1974), Evil Christmas (1980), and Do not open before Christmas (1984). As a Christmas present, the Nitehawk Theater in Williamsburg will screen Silent night, deadly night Friday and Saturday evenings. Optional Santa costume.

When: Friday 22 and Saturday 23 December at 12:10 a.m.
Or: Nitehawk (136 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

More information here.

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