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10 unpopular opinions on the horror film genre, according to Reddit

Horror is one of the most popular and profitable genres in cinema. Many movies receive endless sequels, prequels, and reboots / remakes, both because they’re often cheap to make and because millions of fans keep flocking to theaters, even if they don’t. It’s just a slightly different iteration of a movie they’ve seen seven times. before.

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Like any genre of film, horror comes with a wide variety of tropes, some of which are more popular than others. And sometimes popular horror tropes are hated by specific people. It’s always interesting to hear people’s unpopular opinions, especially when it comes to specific genres of movies.

ten ’90s slashers were better than the’ 80s

Reddit user disposable28482929473 has a rather unpopular opinion, stating: “The post Scream The boom slasher was better than the 80s slashers. “

While it’s true that the slasher genre was dying before Scream Interest rekindled in 1996, the late ’90s saw a slew of rather mediocre slashers who just didn’t live up to the golden age of the’ 80s. The ’80s were a fantastic time for the sub. slasher genre, and many of its most famous entries – including Friday 13, Freddy, and Halloween – ran throughout the decade.

9 Fears of jumping are scary

Many people take the view that alarm jumps are an inexpensive way to confuse audiences and that today’s movies simply rely too much on alarm jumps. But Redditor Wing-blade10 disagreed, writing: “Having jump alarms in a movie can be very scary. Obviously they can be overused but just because a movie relies on a few jump alarms doesn’t make it bad. movie.”

Most people would disagree with this statement. Rather than scaring viewers away through a disturbing story or oppressive atmosphere, the film simply throws a loud noise at its viewer and expects them to jump in surprise. It’s an overused gimmick and finding someone who actually defends the fear of jumps is extremely rare.

8 Clowns and dolls are not scary

Chucky prepares to kill his next victim.

Reddit user stehmansmith5 is a bit of an outlier, as they write, “I don’t find clowns and dolls scary.” However, it is evident that numerous people find clowns and dolls scary. Even though they’re not meant to be, overly active imaginations (usually children) tend to make people fear innocent and often cute creations.

Playing on the fears of clowns and dolls brings in a lot of money, as evidenced by This and the best killer doll movies like Conspiracy and the Child’s play franchise – all movies that prove that scary clowns and dolls can scare the general public.

7 Most of the horrors are propaganda

Reddit user Drowsiness-CS has a very interesting opinion. They write: “Most horror films are … propaganda against pagan religions, traditions and local customs. In most horror films, ‘horror’ is something associated with in the past, often located in a rural, local and / or ancient environment., while the protagonist / representative of “security” is metropolitan, modern, materialistic. “

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It would make a good thesis for an academic essay, but it could also be an unpopular opinion. Sometimes spooky rural locations create a fun setting, and placing the characters there puts them out of immediate safety. It’s usually nothing more than a workaround to avoid plot holes like “Why didn’t she just run to her neighbor’s house?” “

6 Horror comedies are garbage

Bill Murray in Ghostbusters

NostalgiaSuperUltra is another outlier and hates the horror comedy genre, writing, “Horror and ‘meta-horror’ comedies are garbage and don’t contribute anything to the genre.” It is a strange opinion. Some horror comedies are family-friendly, some parody horror genre tropes in clever and inspired ways, and some (like Get out) use horror-based satire to comment on current affairs.

In fact, some of the biggest and most beloved horror movies of all time are actually horror comedies, including Scream and ghost hunters. To say “they add nothing to the genre” is certainly an unpopular opinion.

5 “Trauma Porn” is heinous and does not deserve its praise

Toni Collette as Screaming Annie Graham in Hereditary

Reddit user Bromatcourier writes: “Traumatized porn is just as obnoxious and obnoxious as torture porn, yet it is highly acclaimed.” Unfortunately, they don’t give examples of what constitutes “porn trauma”, but they are likely films that obsessively focus on dark themes like Hereditary and The Babadook.

But these films are acclaimed because they contain superb achievements and skillfully tackle difficult topics with strong writing and memorable characters. “Torture porn” is simply meant to shock the public with excess blood and gore. The two are not comparable.

4 The horror genre is full of Christian propaganda

Reddit user Goal_ is another firm believer that the horror genre uses propaganda. As they write, “Horror movies where the monster is the devil / demons and the only savior is God / Jesus. These films are stupid, overplayed, and basically just Christian propaganda. “

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Again, this might make an interesting thesis. But “evil” films are a centuries-old tradition, and of course they remain very popular. Most would agree that this is not “Christian propaganda” but simply solid stories rooted in human history and folklore.

3 Family thriller dramas aren’t horror movies

The Witch 2015 Anya Taylor Joy

WeirdBryceGuy writes: “Films commonly distributed by A24 and others like them (Hereditary, The Babadook, Environment, The witch, etc) aren’t really horror movies, but suspenseful family dramas / allegories of mental illness. They lazily incorporate paranormal elements to appeal to horror audiences, but otherwise are just the aforementioned instances of mundane drama. “

It’s a strange take. What is the line between “suspense family drama” and “horror”? Do they lazily incorporate paranormal elements to grab horror audiences, or are they a central part of the story? And most would say they’re certainly not “uninteresting,” because they’re all popular movies.

2 A slow pace is better than a fast pace

train for busan sunk running

It is very evident that slow paced horror movies are becoming more and more popular. As a Reddit user Silver-Peas-5505 Says, “Slow-paced horror movies are better than faster-paced ones.” However, these films are “good” and popular not because they are slow, but because they are well done.

There are a lot of slow-paced horror movies out there that are a boring chore to go through, and these are rightfully forgotten. Likewise, there are plenty of fast-paced horror movies that could be considered classics, such as Rec. and Train to Busan. It’s not the rhythm that makes a movie, it’s the way it’s used.

1 Zombies are lame

Roger revives himself as a zombie in Dawn of the Dead

Reddit user give up the future has a firm opinion, stating, “Zombies are lame. Yeah, I said it.” You could certainly argue that zombie movies are oversaturated, but no, they inherently aren’t. lame.

It’s one of the most popular horror subgenres and some of the greatest horror movies of all time – Night of the Living Dead, 28 days later – are zombie movies. It’s a solid genre that has the ability to do strong social satire, while scaring viewers with walking corpses eating people. There is simply no problem.

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