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Good news for all who are hungry to see Bob’s Burgers movie. After two years of pandemic delay, 20th Century Studios has finally served up a trailer. The 90-second clip opens with realistic animation of a sensually mounted burger, then moves on to the 2D style that scored 227 episodes of the Emmy-winning series about The Belchers. Unfortunately, things don’t go so well for the family business in the film. Linda tries to advertise a Bob’s Burgers stand outside Wonder Wharf by wearing a bikini over Gene’s burger costume and dancing. “What? It’s summer, and sex sells, babe,” she explains to Bob.

It turns out that a huge chasm opened up right in front of the restaurant, making it impossible to access the entrance. According to the trailer description, the Belcher children – Tina, Louise, and Gene – are determined to solve a mystery that could save Bob’s Burgers. It’s unclear exactly what they’re up to, but we see them roaming both the Fischoder Estate and the Chasm. We also get a glimpse into Tina’s riding with robot Jimmy Jr. and a stage performance that seems to hint that the film will stay true to its musical roots. Bob’s burgersThe original voices will reprise their roles for this film, which creator Loren Bouchard will co-direct alongside Bernard Derriman. Bob’s Burgers movie should hit theaters, just in time for your Memorial Day weekend barbecues on May 27.

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You might be wondering – alright, the schlocky and the ridiculous Songbird notwithstanding – when we would have our first humanist drama centered on the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems inevitable from day one of the first lockdown, after all: We did actually experience the intrigue of a particularly dark Hollywood picture, so why wouldn’t there be a movie or two?

Well, wait no longer. Acorn TV has unveiled the North American montage of its trailer for To help, written by Jack Thorne and featuring the currently hot Jodie comer. Comer plays Sarah, a caregiver caught in the first wave of the coronavirus crisis, with Stephen Graham taking the place of Tony, one of her patients, who has dementia precocious. Located in the working-class city of Liverpool in northern England, Sarah finds herself struggling on her own – without PPE now known to be life-saving, and without the help of Her Majesty’s Government – to save the residents of the House of care. (It’s even implied that the UK’s first coronavirus death is that of a 70-year-old patient at home. Talk about big drama.)


To help is led by Marc Munden, and won the Rose d’Or Award for Best Drama in November of last year. Thorne had this to say about his article on the pandemic:

“Aid was written in extreme anger about the state of care – not just in the UK but the world – and the lack of priority it has been given around the world. Too many people with disabilities are died in the pandemic because their needs were not a priority … It was also a love song for the healthcare industry. My mother was a caregiver and I saw with my own eyes the beautiful effort which she deployed to care for her clients and residents. An underpaid job, which is vital in our time, and those who continued to enter these homes, despite the risk to themselves and despite the mediocre salary , are our real heroes. “

Image via Acorn TV

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He goes on to describe the film’s research process as “like no other,” noting that while his previous stories have been just as dark, none hit when the iron was so hot. After all, the coronavirus pandemic continues around the world, with new pressures placed on states around the world by the rising tide of the Omicron variant. “There is no doubt that many caregivers and residents are still struggling with shielding and PTSD and I think television – that vital empathy box in the corner of the room – can help shed light on that and, hopefully, lead to an increased focus on the needs of the care home, ”Thorne suggested.

To help premieres Monday, Jan.31 on Acorn TV. Check out the trailer below.

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The Hero trailer featuring Ashok Galla as the hero has been released. Sriram Aditya of Bhale Manchi Roju, Shamantakamani and Devadas takes care of the film. The trailer is undoubtedly intriguing, but it doesn’t reveal anything at all.

Hero talks about the character of Ashok Galla who wants to be a movie star. Besides this basic premise, there is no clarity at all about what is going on. The same (lack of clue to the story) is also the trailer’s final punch.

What stands out is the great cinema. The production values ​​and the cast are fabulous. There are many known faces like Jagapathi Babu, Natesh, Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji and Sathya etc. If there is a cohesive plot as well, Hero might come as a surprise.

Check out the trailer below. Nidhhi Agerwal plays the heroine in the film opposite Ashok Galla. Ghibran provides the music for the film, the camera of which is managed by Sameer Reddy and Richard Prasad.

Padmavathi Galla produces the stylish urban artist on the Amara Raja Media And Entertainment banner. Hero hits the big screens on January 15th for the Sankranthi Festival.

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In my nearly 30 years in the media and entertainment business, I’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is king” more than any other cliché (or truism) in these industries. In an increasingly fragmented and abundant media environment for consumers today, it is clear that content is the engine for the growth and success of VOD and other fields. In most cases, the only thing that sets one media company apart from another, and its products, is the HIT content.

The mantra of content is king has been repeatedly repeated by many, but a newly launched company, Candle Media, backed by Wall Street giant Blackstone

, put a lot of money where his mouth is.

Candle Media was recently launched by Kevin Mayer, former president of International and Direct to Consumer at Disney

and his longtime colleague, Tom Staggs, former Disney COO. With financial backing from Blackstone, Candle has already announced numerous acquisitions of content companies, as well as some minority investments. It should be noted that Mayer founded and operated the successful streaming service Disney Plus and was Disney’s primary negotiator with big content brands such as Pixar, Marvel, Lucas, and others.

It is generally accepted that the streaming industry has an urgent need for more and more content, and in particular unique content with a strong appeal to various subsets of viewers. Candle is possibly the newest and largest company to seize this huge opportunity for the production of new content and for existing content libraries.

Candle announced a few days ago that they would be making a minority investment in Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s company, Westbrook Inc. Westbrook has worked on film and television productions like king richard, published last year by Warner Bros., as well as the Facebook talk show Red table talk and a number of titles widely seen on Snapchat and other digital platforms. For a more in-depth analysis of Westbrook investing, please see Forbes writer Jim Dowd’s paid newsletter.

Candle has made a number of other recent content purchases with the acquisition of Faraway Road, the producer of Fauda, ​​a hit show on Netflix, based on dramatic stories from the Israeli security organization. homeland ”. Previously, they acquired Moonbug Entertainment which makes popular preschool shows like CoComelon, apparently for $ 3 billion. They also acquired Hello Sunshine from Reese Witherspoon for $ 900 million.

In an exclusive interview with Kevin Mayer, this writer asked questions about the future of media, especially “traditional media” in relation to user-generated content or what is increasingly referred to as “content. creator ”.

Mayer, who also served as CEO of TikTok before, fully understands the fun and entertainment of generally short UGC content, often devoid of any story. Mayer explained to me that Candle focuses on media that tell a story and they believe that storytelling is the basis of the most successful content, especially long content and content that generates huge audiences and revenue.

Mayer observed that “while UGC content can be very popular, it scratches a different itch from story-based content” which often involves a more emotional and deeper connection to the content, and is the basis for building franchises. long-term success stories built around history. content based. Mayer said, “There is a lot of room for both types of content” as consumers increasingly seek out forms and sources of entertainment.

Content – Long live the King!


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The ledge trailer

Howard J. Ford‘s The flange (2022) movie trailer was released by Saban Films and Paramount Pictures. The flange trailer stars Brittany Ashworth, Ben Lamb, Louis Boyer, Nathan Welsh, Anais Parello, and David wayman.


Tom boyle wrote the screenplay for The flange. Imran Ahmad created the music for the film. Vladimir Ilic directed the cinematography of the film.


The Ledge Poster

The Ledge Poster

The flange Movie poster

Plot synopsis

The flangePlot synopsis: “A climbing adventure between two friends turns into a terrifying nightmare. After Kelly (Ashworth) films her best friend’s murder on camera, she becomes the target of a tight-knit group of friends who stop at nothing to destroy the evidence and everyone in their path. Desperate for her safety, she begins a perilous climb up a mountain cliff and her survival instincts are tested when she finds herself trapped with the killers just 20 feet away.

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The ledge trailer

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Ashok Galla, the grandson of legendary ’90s Telugu actor / filmmaker Krishna and nephew of megastar Mahesh Babu is set to make his debut with a Telugu romantic comedy drama “Hero”.

His mother and Mahesh Babu’s sister are producers of Telugu films. His father Galla Jayadev, better known as Jai Galla, is a very successful industrialist and politician of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

It’s said to be one of Starkid’s biggest debuts in South Indian industry.

Star Cast & Makers Heroes

The main male role will be played by Asok Dalla and Nidhhi Agerwal will play opposite him the main female role in the film, who works mainly in Tamil and Telugu Films.

She made her acting debut with Sabbir Khan’s 2017 action dance film “Munna Michael”, where she starred as the female lead opposite Tiger Shroff.

The film also stars Jagapath Babu, Naresh, Vennela Kishor, Brahmaji, Satya and others in key roles. The film is directed by Sriram Adittya T. and this is his fourth project as a director.

The cinematography is jointly produced by Sameer Reddy and Richard Prasad, while the music is composed by Ghibran. Editing work for the film is completed by Prawin Pudi.

The film is produced by Ashok Galla’s mother, Padmavathi Galla, under the direction of family production company Amara Raja Media & Entertainment.


Main upcoming films in South India 2022

Hero’s release date

Earlier, the film’s creators announced that it would release on Republic Day (January 26, 2022) to the big screen, but for some reason the date was canceled.

On January 5, 2022, male lead actor Ashok Galla took to Twitter and shared the animated poster for the film.

The actor tweeted “10 Days to Go! To celebrate this Sankranthi with our most entertaining #HERO released in theaters January 15th in the world # HEROFromJAN15th”.

On January 6, during the press meeting on the film’s release date, the directors of the film called on everyone to watch the film.

Film producer Padmavathi Galla also said, “Our film will entertain mass audiences, young people, families and everyone! »That it will entertain the mass audience

It will be interesting to see whether this will be a successful Starkid debut or not, as expectations will surely be high for this big banner movie.

Hero trailer

The trailer launch event was slated for release on January 9, 2022 but was canceled due to Ramesh Babu’s sudden disappearance:

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A banquet trailer

Ruth paxton‘s A banquet (2021) movie trailer was released by IFC midnight. the A banquet trailer stars Siena Guillory, Jessica alexander, Ruby stokes, Lindsay duncan, Kaine zajaz, Rina mahoney, Jonathan nyati, Walter van Dyk, Andrew Steele, Hannah Zoe Ankrah, and Suzie Voice.


Justin bull wrote the screenplay for A banquet. Cj Mirra created the music for the film. David Liddell directed the cinematography of the film.


Plot synopsis

A banquetPlot Synopsis: “Widowed mother Holly (Sienna Guillory) is put to the test when her teenage daughter Betsey (Jessica Alexander) experiences a profound enlightenment and insists her body is no longer hers.” , but in the service of a higher power. Tied to her newfound faith, Betsey refuses to eat but does not lose weight. In an agonizing dilemma, torn between love and fear, Holly finds herself confronted with the limits of her own beliefs and the repressed traumas of her past.

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A banquet releases in limited US theaters and on VOD via IFC Midnight on February 18, 2022. Want up-to-the-minute notifications? FilmBook staff members post articles via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flipboard.

A banquet trailer

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CIA agent Mason Brown (Jessica Chastain) enlists rival German agent (Diane Kruger), MI6 computer scientist (Lupita Nyong’o) and Colombian psychologist (Penelope Cruz) to help track down dangerous technological weapon which has fallen into the wrong hands.

Female-led action movies, or more specifically female-led spy action movies, are nothing new.

Recent efforts like “Atomic Blonde” with Charlize Theron or “The Villainess” with Kim Ok-vin, or returning to “La Femme Nikita”, this is a sub-genre that has enjoyed varying levels of success over the years. year. With ‘The 355’, there is an exceptional cast assembled here, but the end results are decidedly not. For a cast that has so many Oscar winners, Golden Globe winners, and genuine talent, they’ve been completely missed by a particularly silly storyline and flat, unimaginative action.

Simon Kinberg, the co-writer and director here, bears enormous responsibility for this failure. All you have to do is watch “Dark Phoenix,” the latest installment in the “X-Men” franchise before it’s fully swallowed by the Marvel / Disney mothership, to know it’s just not capable. to reconstruct a sequence of action. . Despite all the efforts of the cast to practice and learn how to fight convincingly on screen, etc., the directing and editing makes it boring and cheap. Not only that, the endless chop-chop-chop of action is on par with something like ‘Socket 3‘.

With last year’s “AVA” falling prone and “The 355” slated for on-demand darkness in the near future, it looks like Jessica Chastain likes the idea of ​​turning to high-flying action. but can never seem to land it. The fault, fortunately, is not in his own skills but rather in the choice of the directors. In the case of “AVA” having the guy who did “The Help” to do a gritty assassin story and the guy who did “Dark Phoenix” and made sure “X-Men” stayed dead. until Marvel can revive that wasn’t going to help.

Yet even if there was a more competent director behind the camera here, “The 355” would still crumble under the terrible boredom of its script. Trying to create a double cross maze scenario ends up making it so convoluted that no one will care in the end. While traveling the world may seem like an international flavor, it only serves to show that the scenery tries to make things exciting when nothing else is. Of course, spy action movies are a particularly dumb breed and suspending disbelief comes with territory, but “The 355” asks way too much for so little in return.

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A cyberpunk heist film with real independent references? Add a fun set and The dresden sun promises to be a project to keep on your radar.

Christina Ricci, Mena Suvari and Stephen Ogg all signed up alongside Samantha Win for the up-and-coming cyberpunk heist film, The Dresden sun. The film will mark the debut of director Michel Ryan, who also wrote the project.

Video game fans may know Ogg best for his motion capture work playing and voicing Trevor Philips, the beloved but deranged psychopath from Grand Theft Auto V. Win most recently appeared in Zack Snyder’s Army of the dead while Ricci and Suvari need not be introduced.

The plot of the film is said to pick up “as a heist heads south when Crilenger (Ogg) – a brilliant principled mercenary with a traumatic past – works with an insider to steal a valuable asset from Peredor Corporation called” the sphere “. The C & Earth company, vying for world domination, seeks to find a solution to a technology from another world through the project of a scientist. Meanwhile, a financial analyst, who despises his job at powerful investment firm Mutual One, finds himself caught between deadly rival firms, financial fraud and tech espionage, and is ultimately forced to flee a psychopathic military contractor. .

We don’t know much else The dresden sun for the moment, apart from the production company and the distributors involved, respectively Archetype Pictures and High Octane Pictures. In the sci-fi genre, there aren’t enough cyberpunk movies on screen, so we can’t wait to see this one when it does eventually show up. We’ll tell you more as we hear it.


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Tom Holland is everywhere right now with the success of Spider-Man: No Path Home, but his latest movie still sees him fly through the air like a superhero.

Only this time he is without a costume and is looking for treasure rather than saving people.

In Unexplored, slated for theatrical release in early February, Tom Holland plays the street thief Nathan Drake who is recruited by seasoned treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to recover a fortune lost by Ferdinand Magellan 500 years ago. year.

What begins as a burglary job for the duo becomes a race of globetrotters and white knuckles to reach the prize before the ruthless Moncada (Antonio Banderas), who believes he and his family are the rightful heirs.

If Nate and Sully can decipher the clues and solve one of the world’s oldest mysteries, they could find $ 5 billion treasure and maybe even Nate’s long-lost brother … but only if they do. can learn to work together.

Easier said than done by the look of the trailer.

If you have a PlayStation, you might already be familiar with the scenario. The film is a prequel to the hit game of the same name, showing us how a young Drake came to meet and befriend Sully.


Main picture: Sony Pictures

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