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They went there and made a horror movie “Titanic” [Trailer] – 2oceansvibe News

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Following in the footsteps of parody horror movies like Sharknado 5: Global Swarm and 2 Lava 2 Lantula! is a new horror show aboard the Titanic.

Or the third Titanic ship, depending on the plot, defying historical repetition over a century since the sinking of the first (and true) Titanic.

The idea is that the Titanic III, on its maiden voyage and filled with VIP passengers, is ready to sail to the original Titanic’s sunken tomb – which, as you can imagine, is far too tempting an opportunity for the gore and ghosts not to appear.

The film follows influencer couple Mia (AnnaLynne McCord) and Jackson Stone (Derek Yates) as they discover a stowaway (Lydia Hearst) who snatches some trinkets from Professor Hal Cochran (Jamie Bamber), recites a curse and summons the Titanic. victims who died in revenge.

You have to see it to believe it, I guess:

Titanic 666 seems to have scratched the bottom of the barrels of digital effects, reports Paste Magazinewith “a quality which intentionally or inadvertently turns horror into a sort of comedy prepared for the boozy weekend watches”:

Whatever steps are taken to deal with Titanic 666 as a journey doomed by the act of profiting from trauma is undone by C-level structures that fail everything from its character development to its horror beats.

Although Asylum Projects, the production company behind the film (also responsible for other related films like Triassic world and Dune Planet), in no way asks us to take their films seriously.

It’s about savoring pure chaos and pleasure, after all.

ITPA News even called a death scene involving a lifeboat “hilarious” while mentioning that “Titanic 666 is definitely imperfect, but it’s a harmless pleasure”.

Knowing who the directors and screenwriters are (Nick Lyon, behind Bermuda TentaclesJacob Coney (Flight 666, 5-Headed Shark Attack) and Jason White (Drowning in Secrets, Scarecrow)) makes Titanic 666 make at least a little more sense.


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