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THE TIME CAPSULE (2022) Movie trailer: Once-in-love Todd Grinnell and Brianna Hildebrand reunite after 20 years

The Time Capsule Trailer

Erwann Marshallit is The time capsule (2022) movie trailer was released by MovieRise. The time capsule trailer stars Todd Grinnel, Brianna Hildebrand, KaDee Strickland, Baron Vaughnand Ravi Patel.


Chad Fife and Erwann Marshall wrote the screenplay The time capsule. name created the music for the film. name designed the film’s cinematography.


Plot Synopsis

The time capsulePlot Synopsis: “In the near future, a jaded politician (Todd Grinnell) fresh from an election defeat flees with his dominating wife to the Lake Georgia home where he spent summers as a teenager. Their vacation is soon disrupted by the appearance of his first love Elise (Brianna Hildebrand), who has returned from a 20-year space trip and hasn’t aged a day.

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The Time Capsule Trailer

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