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RUBIKON (2022) Movie Trailer: Three astronauts above a deadly polluted Earth face a moral dilemma

Rubikon trailer

Leni Lauritschit is Rubicon (2022) movie trailer was released by IFC Midnight. The Rubicon trailer stars Julia Franz Richter, George Blagdenand Marc Ivanir.


Jessica Lind and Leni Lauritsch wrote the screenplay Rubicon. Daniel Helmer and Wolf-Maximilian Liebich created the music for the film. Xiaosu Han and Andreas Thalhammer designed the film’s cinematography.


Rubikon Posters

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Plot Synopsis

RubiconPlot Synopsis: “2056. A cloud of toxic pollution has swallowed the earth, killing countless people. The nations of the world have dissolved, with all power now in the hands of a few giant corporations. retreat to sealed biodomes while the poor suffocate and starve.On the Rubikon space station, Hannah (Julia Franz Richter), Gavin (George Blagden) and Dimitri (Mark Ivanir) weigh in on the fate of the planet’s survivors Should these crew members risk their own lives on a rescue mission on the surface, or ignore the old world to build a new one of safety and solitude, living off the sophisticated algae symbiosis system? Against the vast canvas of the cosmos, three people with differing worldviews debate their moral responsibility to the species, while struggling with the timely agony of isolation.

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Rubikon trailer

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