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POMPO: THE CINEPHILE (2021) US movie trailer: Director’s production heads for chaos in Takayuki Hirao’s animated film

Pompo: the cinephile trailer

Takayuki Hiraoit is Pompo: the cinephile / Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san (2021) movie trailer was released by GKids. the Pompo: the cinephile trailer stars Konomi Kohara, Hiroya Shimizu, Akio Otsuka, Christopher Trindade, Brianna Gentlella, Anne-Yaco, Kenneth Cavettand Jackie Lastra.


Takayuki Hirao wrote the screenplay Pompo: the cinephile. Kenta Matsukuma created the music for the film. Tsuyoshi Imai edited the film.


Plot Synopsis

Pompo: the cinephilePlot Synopsis: “’Pompo’ (the nickname of Joelle Davidovich Pomponette) is a talented and daring producer from ‘Nyallywood’, the film capital of the world. Although known for her B-movies, Pompo one day announces to her film-loving but fearful assistant Gene that he will be directing his next screenplay: a delicate drama about a tormented artistic genius, starring legendary actor Brando. -esque Martin Braddock, and a young actress looking for her first break. But when production heads for chaos, can Gene rise to Pompo’s challenge and succeed as a first-time director?

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Pompo: the American movie buff trailer

Pompo: the cinephile trailer

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