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New Bob’s Burgers Movie Trailer Shows The Belchers Are In Big Trouble

20th century workshops released a new trailer for the Bob’s Burgers Movie which reveals more plot details and lots of burger fun. The upcoming film, based on the popular animated series, is set to premiere in theaters Memorial Day weekend.

The new trailer for Bob’s Burgers movie information opens with a sound that will be familiar to fans of the series: Bob Belcher’s moan. What exactly is bothering him right now isn’t clear, but based on the rest of the trailer, it could be a number of things. We then see Bob and Linda Belcher sitting across from a financial advisor who tells them they have seven days to make their payment. Linda, still in yin with Bob’s Yang, tries to reassure him that everything will be fine. However, things only seem to get worse when a sinkhole opens up right in front of their restaurant.


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The Belcher children, Tina, Gene and troublemaker Louise take it upon themselves to explore the chasm. It’s unknown what they find, but it seems the sinkhole is later searched by crime scene investigators, so they must have discovered something. The rest of the trailer for Bob’s Burgers The film focuses on a cavalcade of ridiculous scenes, involving everything from Tina Belcher riding on the beach with her longtime crush Jimmy Jr, as well as a talking robot and possibly aliens?

Bob’s Burgers movie information is based on the hit animated television show of the same name. The series ran for 12 seasons on Fox and earned numerous awards and nominations, including two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program. The series follows Bob Belcher and his goofy family who run a small burger joint in a fictional West Coast town. Talented voice actors will reprise their roles for the upcoming film, including H. John Benjamin as Bob, John Roberts as Linda, Dan Mintz as Tina, Eugene Mirman as Gene, and Kristen Schaal as Louise.

Earlier this year, 20th Century Studios released a shorter version Bob’s Burgers Movie trailer that gave fans a taste of what the film would offer. This new trailer dives a little deeper into the plot of the upcoming movie, revealing that much of the film will center around this mysterious sinkhole. Of course, the Belchers also struggle with money issues, a recurring theme throughout the series.

Unlike some TV families, the Belchers constantly struggle financially, doing whatever they can to keep their family burger afloat. This has always been a refreshing element of the series, as many family-oriented shows often avoid their financial situation or present it as a non-issue. So it’s no wonder that Bob’s Burgers movie information will focus heavily on this recurring theme.

Bob’s Burgers movie information in theaters May 27, 2022.

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