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Maxey, Harris and Thybulle Appear in New Trailer for Adam Sandler’s ‘Hustle’ Movie

Adam Sandler has finally released the first trailer for his new basketball drama, “Hustle,” where there are a ton of Philadelphia 76ers Easter eggs found everywhere.

The main plot behind this film is that Sandler is a former professional basketball scout trying to revitalize his career when he discovers the potential of a foreign prospect with a checkered past, played by Utah’s Juancho Hernangómez. Sandler will be a mentor-type figure as they navigate a potential path to the NBA. “Hustle” is a basketball drama, and you can feel some of that heaviness and intensity behind the film in the trailer.

This trailer has a strong Philadelphia and Sixers presence throughout. We see the Philadelphia skyline, the Allen Iverson murals, the Wells Fargo Center and the Sixers practice facility in Camden, all while having Meek Mill in the background. This film also teased a ton of NBA talent who will play roles in the film, with players such as Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris, Seth Curry, Matisse Thybulle, Kyle Lowry and Anthony Edwards making quick cameos.

I’m personally very excited to see how each player plays their role in the film. Will they act like themselves or will they act completely different than they actually are in person? Can you imagine Matisse Thybulle or Tyrese Maxey playing the role of antagonist in an opposing team? Either way, it’ll always be cool to see a Sixer in the movie world.

Speaking of Maxey, talk about a guy having a pretty remarkable second season on and off the court. He was terrific on the pitch, hitting career highs at every level. He recently created the game Rising Stars and can now add a “movie star” to his resume.

“Hustle” will debut on Netflix on June 10 this year. Apart from NBA players, it will also feature prominent movie actors; with Queen Latifah, Ben Foster and Robert Duvall. Sandler and LeBron James will be the main producers.

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