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Mark Wahlberg becomes a priest

Mark Wahlberg is a boxer-turned-priest in the new trailer for Father Stu, a gritty drama also starring Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver.

Mark Wahlberg goes from boxer to priest in new trailer for Father Stu. When he’s not looking for hidden treasure with Tom Holland like in the next action movie UnexploredWahlberg is known for starring in realistic dramas which he also produces.

Wahlberg’s string of films based on true stories, of course, began with his role as boxer Mickey Ward in David O. Russell’s Oscar-winning film. The fighter. Wahlberg then followed that up by playing Afghanistan war veteran Marcus Luttrell in the heartbreaking drama sole survivor. And 2016 saw the arrival of not one but two Wahlberg-branded live-action films: Deep water horizon and the thriller straight out of the headlines patriots day (in which he played a character who was actually a composite of several real-life police detectives tasked with finding those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing).


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Wahlberg’s next acting and producing project based on a true story sees him putting on boxing gloves again (the film was indeed to be directed by The fighter helmer Russell at one point), this time playing fighter-turned-priest Stuart Long in the gritty drama Father Stu. See the first trailer for the film directed by Rosalind Ross in space below (via Sony Pictures Entertainment):

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The synopsis for Father Stu (which was formerly titled simply stu) says the movie “is an incredibly honest, funny and ultimately uplifting drama about a lost soul who finds her purpose in a most unexpected place.” The story follows Stu de Wahlberg as he washes up as an amateur boxer and instead aims to become a star in Los Angeles. But his drinking habits contribute to the fact that Stuart nearly lost his life in a motorcycle accident. The tone of the new trailer indeed shifts from rowdy to solemn as Wahlberg’s character, afflicted with a degenerative muscle disease following his accident, decides to join the priesthood and becomes an inspirational figure. Jacki Weaver stars in the film as Wahlberg’s mother, alongside Mel Gibson as the father and Teresa Ruiz as the woman who sets Stuart Long on the path to becoming Father Stu.

The punch of Wahlberg’s upcoming films indeed perfectly encapsulates how the actor has handled his career over the years. With Unexploredhe’s in pure non-superhero popcorn entertainment mode like in movies like Infinite, Thousand 22 and daddy’s house. But with Father Stu he’s back in the realm of down-to-earth real-life storytelling playing a character who finds himself at the center of a drama of a more personal nature. It’ll be interesting to see which Wahlberg effort draws more impressive audiences as the two movies hit multiplexes within months of each other. Father Stu is exclusively in theaters on April 15, 2022.

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