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LOS CONDUCTOS (2020) Movie Trailer: Former cult member Luis Felipe Lozano is on the run in Camilo Restrepo’s film

Trailer Los Conductos

Camilo Restrepoit is Los Conductos (2020) movie trailer was released by grasshopper movie. the Los Conductos trailer stars Fernando Usaga Higuita and Luis Felipe Lozano.


Camilo Restrepo wrote the screenplay for Los Conductos. Arthur B. Gillette created the music for the film. Guillaume Mazloum designed the film’s cinematography.


Plot Synopsis

Los ConductosPlot Synopsis: “A fever dream of hallucinatory textures and sounds, set in Medellín, Colombia and loosely based on a true story, the film draws on the director’s vast background in the visual arts and his previous hit shorts to tell the story of Pinky (newcomer Luis Felipe Lozano in a haunting performance), a former cult member on the run who has just broken free from the grip of a religious cult by murdering its leader , Pinky finds a place to squat and a job at a counterfeit t-shirt factory. Tricked by his own faith, he begins to question everything. But as he tries to piece together the pieces of his shattered life, memories violent ones come back to haunt him and they demand revenge.

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Trailer Los Conductos

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