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Let’s talk about Sam Raimi’s most underrated movie

Everything from Annie’s intuition to her visions to her psychic revelations about Jessica’s murder is tinged with the paranormal, and that’s where Raimi shines best, marking the film’s best aspects. The mystery is engrossing from start to finish, of course – there’s a twist within a twist towards the end, both mundane and supernatural, and there are many players in the game with twisted, secret intentions. However, there are unforgettable scenes in “The Gift,” all of which are either dream sequences or visions.

In one particular sequence, Annie fills her tub with water and returns to find the living room flooded; as she opens the bathroom door, she sees Jessica’s animated corpse, deathly pale and shackled, screaming “f*** you!” to her. The execution of these scenes, including the tone in which a leaky faucet drips with blood, and the ever-changing nature of Annie’s visions, are pure Raimi brilliance, less gore or over-the-top camp, which makes them truly disturbing. The real horror, of course, is what humans do to each other, especially the way men treat women and expect to get away with it, but Annie’s terrifying situation can be summed up by this quote from “Cassandra Float Can” by Anne Carson:

“How does it feel to be a prophet? Wherever Cassandra ran, she found she was already there.

This is the case of Annie, a woman already ravaged by pain, with a gift wielded against her, and her dreams, visions and latent abilities coming to smother her (often, literally), whereas most people who ‘surround are both terrified of and gravitated towards his personal agency. In movies these days, we have a lot of complex, flawed female characters who drive the plot on their own, but Raimi’s ‘The Gift’, a 2000s thriller, embodies that element with great skill and flair. skill. . Also, after the horrors she’s been through, she heals, reminded by a character that she could keep doing what she does, because she truly has a gift and is “the soul of the town.” Talk about reclaiming personal power, I love to see it.

Besides the obvious reasons why you should absolutely watch “The Gift” whenever you can, the film also has brief but excellent performances from JKSimmons and Rosemary Harris, who later starred in Raimi’s Spider-Man, playing the roles of J. Jonah Jameson and Aunt May respectively. There’s also a pretty cool “Evil Dead” Easter egg in the movie that I won’t elaborate on, so you can find out for yourselves. In short, “The Gift” is recommended viewing and an important film in Raimi’s filmography worth considering.

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