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Hurdang Movie Trailer Receives Mixed Reactions

Trailer for upcoming Hurdang movie starring Sunny Kaushal released on 30thand April 2022, and was shared by his brother Vicky Kaushal on his social media platform. With 725,000 views on YouTube within a day of its release, this film set in Allahabad in the 90s revolves around the story of Daddu Thakur who inspires to be an IAS officer, and later goes on to lead an anti-reservation movement against the reservation commission which must be adopted by the central government. Ahead of the trailer release, the film gained attention after the release of a song that made fans look forward to the film.

The trailer due to its subject matter caused social media users to respond in a contested manner while some users which also included fans of Vicky Kaushals welcomed the new perspective on the caste issue while some resented the need to introspect the problem with further study and then talked about it in the movies.

While other users have written that it is fair to approach this issue from the perspective of an upper caste narrative that supposedly suffers from caste-based reserve. Fans believe this movie will also present the reality of Indian education system

Some users felt that the film did not understand the difference between reservation based on economic conditions and caste, the announcement would be disastrous if such a concept was shown without factual accuracy.

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