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Golden Movie Trailer Reveals Zac Efron Desperately Needs A Shower

Zac Efron needs a shower. That’s what you’ll think after you finish watching the trailer for Golda survival thriller that should block the old musical high school star in the middle of the desert. In the story, he is a wanderer who finds a huge nugget of gold but has to wait for help to win it, making him both the luckiest and the unluckiest on the planet.

The trailer reveals that Efron’s character will have to fight tooth and nail against the weather, desert animals, and other people if he wants to make it out alive and rich. In the story, Efron finds the gold nugget with another wanderer (Anthony Hayes), who offers to drive off and find an excavator in order to extract the shiny rock. Trouble is, the other guy never seems to come back, which might suggest he has other, more selfish plans in mind.


Rounding out the main cast of three actors from Gold is Susie Porter. The actor plays a mysterious stranger who appears in the middle of the desert while Efron’s character sits there alone waiting for help. Friend or enemy? We will have to wait to find out. Porter was previously on the Netflix movie Cargo with Martin Freeman. She was also in the prison series Wentworth and comedy miniseries The unusual suspectswith Miranda Otto.

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Gold is directed by Anthony Hayes. The Aussie actor pulls off the creative trifecta by acting, directing and writing his own film. He co-wrote Gold with his longtime partner Polly Smithwho is making her feature writing debut after working for many years in the costume and wardrobe department of movies like elite killer and Awareness.

The film was picked up by Screen Media Films in July 2021 for a North American release and was originally slated for a January premiere, but the distribution company changed the dates, and now we can expect to see Efron get dirty in a little over a month.

Gold premieres in theaters March 11. Check out the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

In the not too distant future, two wanderers (Zac Efron, Anthony Hayes) traveling through the desert stumble upon the biggest nugget of gold ever found and the dream of immense wealth and greed sets in. They hatch a plan to dig their bounty with a man leaving to secure the necessary tools. The other man stays and must endure the harsh elements of the desert, ravenous wild dogs and mysterious intruders, all while struggling with the sinking suspicion that he has been left to his own fate.

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