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Dumbledore’s Secrets Final Warner Bros. Movie Trailer

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets appears with Movie trailer Final, posted by Warner Bros. Along with the release of Film In cinemas, including Italian.

the videoCurrently available in English version only, it presents us with the events of the new chapter in which we will witness a violent confrontation between the forces of Grindelwald and allies of Albus Dumbledore including, of course, Newt Scamander, Tina Goldstein and Jacob Kowalski.

As we know, in this film Mads Mikkelsen replaced Johnny Depp and this caused an outcry among the actor’s fans, convinced that he was a victim flagrant injustice While ex-wife Amber Heard seems to have had no repercussions.

Speaking of purges and spinoffs, that’s also been the news for the past few days. Ezra Miller He’s Not Having a Good Time: Due to his consistently reckless behavior, Warner Bros. Future projects that it goes into sleep mode.

Due to its important role also in the epic fantastic beastsIn which she played the character of Credence Barebone, in addition to the title role in this one sparkledFor the production company, the question may not be simple.

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