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BORREGO Movie Trailer (2022): Researcher Lucy Hale Witnesses Drug Plane Crash In The Mexican-American Border Desert

Borrego trailer

Jesse harrisBorrego (2022) movie trailer was released by Primordial films. The Borrego trailer stars Lucy hale, Jorge A. Jimenez, Nicolas gonzález, Leynar gomez, Olivia trujillo, Jaime Aymerich, Edward J. Bentley, and Brendan McNamee.


Jesse Harris wrote the screenplay for Borrego. The Newton brothers created the music for the film. Octavio Arias directed the cinematography of the film.


Plot synopsis

BorregoPlot Synopsis: “Lucy Hale plays Elly, a young botanist on a research mission gone wrong. After witnessing a drug mule plane crash in the desert of Borrego, she is kidnapped and forced on a dangerous journey to a remote drop-off point.With limited essentials and alone in the desert with her captor, desperation for survival sets in as Elly risks her life to escape her captors. claws before the journey turns fatal.

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Borrego releases in US theaters and on VOD / digital via Paramount Movies on January 14, 2022. Want up-to-the-minute notifications? FilmBook staff members post articles via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and Flipboard.

Borrego trailer

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