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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in Nike Movie – Film News |

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will reunite for a film about sportswear company Nike.

Affleck is directing the as yet untitled drama for Amazon Studios, Skydance Sports and Mandalay Pictures.

The film will tell the remarkable story of how Sonny Vaccaro (Damon), a sneaker salesman, led Nike’s pursuit of basketball icon Michael Jordan.

Ben, 49, will play Nike co-founder Phil Knight in the story surrounding the company’s attempts to sign Jordan to his shoe company in the mid-1980s – an endorsement that seemed unlikely to the audience. period but which was to become the most important. relationship between a sports brand and a sportsman and launched the multi-billion dollar footwear industry.

Sonny’s attempts to sign Jordan to what was then the third shoe company lead him to the sports star’s parents, particularly his powerful and dynamic mother.

Jordan is a giant mythical figure above the film and is never seen as Sonny attempts to reach him by gaining access to his inner circle.

Alex Convery wrote the original screenplay, titled “Air Jordan”, for the story and it was named to the 2021 blacklist of top unproduced screenplays. Ben and Matt are re-passing the script and will produce the film.

Affleck and Damon have worked together on films such as ‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘The Last Duel’ and the latter believes their writing process is much more efficient now than when they started their careers.

Matt, 51, recalled: “I think the writing process for ‘Good Will Hunting’ was so inefficient.

“You know, because we didn’t really understand the structure, so we wrote thousands of pages. … We were like, ‘Well, what if that happened? “, and then we were just writing different scenes. So, we had all these disparate scenes, and then we kind of tried to put them together to make something that felt like a movie.”

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