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Amazon in pole position to secure planned Voltron movie – Film Stories

The bidding war for the big screen rights to Voltron, The live-action debut of the Defender of the Universe robot appears to have been won by Amazon.

Our interest was piqued a few weeks ago by the news that the 1980s Voltron The cartoon series reportedly received the live-action blockbuster treatment at the hands of filmmaker Rawson Marshall Thurber. With people like Skyscraper and those of Netflix red notice on his resume, Thurber is a big-budget effects specialist and a Voltron film would certainly see him develop this element of his cinema even further. If you’ve never had the pleasure, Voltron is a giant robot made up of smaller robots. He is also the defender of the universe.

Several studios are said to have pursued the project with Universal, Warner Bros. and Amazon, all apparently looking. However, reports indicate that it was Amazon that may have struck some sort of deal for the film, which means that after a few decades of near misses from companies including DreamWorks and Relativity Media, it looks like this time Voltron will turn it into production. If the streaming platform becomes Voltron’s movie at home, it’ll be a bit sad that we can’t see the giant robot on a giant screen, but after so many near misses, fans will probably just see one movie go into production.

red notice is Netflix’s greatest original film of all time, which clearly gave Thurber the power to confidently push the Voltron project around Hollywood. However, where does that stand with his plans to shoot back-to-back sequels to red notice is not yet clear. We’ll tell you more about this story as we hear it, including those all-important production dates.

The Hollywood Reporter

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