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A PELOTON OF ONE (2020) Movie trailer: Dave Ohlmuller’s 700-mile journey to raise awareness in John Bernardo and Steven Mallorca’s doc

A Platoon of a Trailer

John Bernardo and Steven E. Majorcait is A platoon of one (2020) movie trailer was released by Global Digital Publishing. the A platoon of one trailer stars Dave Ohlmuller.


Steven E. Majorca edited the film for A platoon of one. Adam’s Charity created the music for the film. Steven E. Majorca designed the film’s cinematography.


A platoon of a Poster

A platoon of a Poster

A platoon of one Movie poster

Plot Synopsis

A platoon of onePlot Synopsis: “In the fall of 2018, Dave Ohlmuller embarked on a long solo bike ride from Chicago to New York. Sexually abused at age 12 by a priest in his New Jersey parish, Dave Ohlmuller rode to inspire other survivors to come forward and tell their own stories, as well as educate the masses (and himself) about the impact of this scourge. During this 700 mile journey, Dave also encounters other survivors abused by coaches, teachers, family members and, like Dave himself, Catholic priests. Through these shared interactions and stories, Dave tries to find a way to connect and heal, mile after mile, as he returns east to his childhood home.

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A Platoon of a Trailer

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